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Software Testing


We offer cost effective software testing solutions for software development companies as well as business owners – software buyers. To ensure high quality of a product, PASS offers combinations of different test types. Our well documented approach throughout the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), well defined testing process methodologies and defect tracking will help in achieving transparent product development and high quality product.

Services Offered


  1. Functional and Regression testing
  2. Usability Testing
  3. Web Application Testing
  4. We can also take up any form of customized testing

Functional and Regression testing


Main objective of functional testing is to deliver flawless and error-free application from the end user perspective. In addition to this PASS also tests functionality across multiple platforms, browsers based on requirements. Functional and Regression Testing is especially effective when run simultaneously with development of application from early stage of the project. Hence PASS suggests its clients to contact at early stage of development for cost effective and quality product.

Usability Testing


In addition to compulsory functional testing designed to check application functions, we recommend the following procedures, 1) Testing of application usability (Correct navigation, comfort of use without a mouse or keyboard, support for interactive input/output devices). 2) GUI testing (Acceptable colour palette, accurate display of text, fonts, images, control elements and valid advanced graphical functionality).

Web Application Testing


For successful web portal to go on live, PASS offers an optimal combination of new functionality, regression, graphical user interface (GUI) and usability tests with preferred level of client monitoring throughout STLC and ensure a portal that will retain current customers and attract new ones.

Tools Used


  1. Our expertise includes most of the available testing tools
  2. We can also develop our own customized tool as per the needs
  3. Extensive manual testing can also be done

Kindly contact us at to learn more about Functional and Regression Testing solutions, our thorough documented approach, deliverables and estimates.

The below list of technical consultants will be involved with our testing team.





Skill set

Deivanai Meyyappan

4 years

Travels, Insurance

CSTE certified testing specialist. Developing automation framework for automated regression testing, performance test and analysis for business critical applications and designing strategy to monitor applications 24x7.

Bharath Sridharan

4 years

Investment Banking, Insurance

CSTE certified testing specialist. AIII certified. Expertise in manual testing, test automation using QTP.

Rajalakshmi Segaran

4 years


Testing specialist in the Insurance domain. Had been lead engineer for a team of 20. Expertise in functional, performance, workflow testing.

Bharathi Radakrishnan

4 years


Lead test engineer, quality consultant. Experienced in automated testing using IBM's Rational Test real time. Expertise in Quality assurance - CMMI and ITIL process.

PASS will be a one stop solution for all your testing needs.




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