IEEE Projects

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S. No. Title Tools
1 File Transfer Protocol Client C#.Net
2 SMTP/POP3 Client ASP.Net
3 Multi User CHAT JAVA
4 Secure Mailing System JSP
5 Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks JAVA
6 Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission JAVA
7 Server and Clients Node Capture Attacks JAVA
8 Multi Server Communication In Distributed Management System JAVA
9 Intercity Search Query Processing JAVA
10 Data Transferring Congestion and Delay Rate Calculate JAVA
11 Multiple Chat Server JAVA
12 Dynamic Control for Cache Updating Network System JAVA
13 HTTP Proxy Server JAVA
14 Location Based Search Engine JAVA
15 Effective Packet Analyzing and Filtering System for ATM Network JAVA
16 Packet Losses Measurement JAVA
17 Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations JAVA
18 Distributed Node Migration by Effective Fault Tolerance JAVA
19 Data Traveling Random Direction using MANETs .NET
20 Energy Maps for Mobile Wireless Networks .NET
21 RFID Authentication .NET
22 Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search JAVA
23 Anti Void Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks .NET
24 Image Water Marking and Combustion JAVA
25 Router Link Failure Detection .NET
26 Cluster Building in Wireless Sensor Networks .NET
27 Data Communication Parallel Multichannel Communications .NET
28 Shortest Path Finder in Wireless Networks .NET
29 Best Effort Multimedia Services .NET
30 Multiple Copy Case using Mobile Networks .NET
31 Parallel File Downloading Peer-To-Peer Networks JAVA
32 A Secure Routing Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network JAVA
33 Proxy Server Connect and Re-Connect using Bank Application JAVA
34 ATM Networks for Online Monitoring System JAVA
35 Data Caching In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks JAVA
36 Video Multicasting in Muilticellular Wireless Networks JAVA
37 Mobile ad-hoc networks- secure distance based localization .NET
38 Throughput Optimisation in wireless network - Adaptive CSMA algorithm .NET
39 Wireless cellular networks- resource allocation .NET
40 Propagation analysis of internet worms JAVA
41 WDM Mesh networks- Optimization of data transfer rates JAVA
42 Straight line routing algorithm for multi-hop wireless networks .NET
43 Internet traffic detection mechanism JAVA
44 Multiple routing configurations for IP networks JAVA
45 Caching strategies in manet using dsr and aodv routing protocols JAVA
46 Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler (RBPH)- Network control JAVA
47 Multimedia Optimising Multiple descriptions coding (MDC) JAVA
48 Packet loss management JAVA
49 Wireless sensor networks- Transmission of data with minimal energy NS2
50 Computer networks network bandwidth measurement NS2
51 Latency Equalisation Service to Equalise the latency of clients .NET
52 FairTorrent- an Effective Algorithm for File Sharing in Peer-to-Peer systems .NET
53 Efficient communication in anonymous network using Watermarking. .NET
54 Cooperative Networks - Optimal power allocation .NET
55 Source based filtering avoidance of traffic. .NET
56 Efficient algorithm for congestion control JAVA
57 An optimal redistribution scheme and price setting for service providers JAVA
58 Data Collection from wireless sensor networks -Usage of time scheduling and transmission power JAVA
59 An efficient algorithm for traffic monitoring JAVA
60 Load balancing algorithm for session initiation protocol. JAVA
61 An Efficient routing algorithm for netwroks JAVA
62 Advanced hybrid IP traceback scheme JAVA