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S. No. Title Tools
1 Optimized fault correction in overlay networks .NET
2 P2P networks- Investigation of competition among peers JAVA
3 Increasing user privacy in mobile networks JAVA
4 Distributed systems- dynamic load balancing policy JAVA
5 Algorithm to improve en-routing in sensor networks .NET
6 Secure and privacy preserving framework for wireless networks .NET
7 Attribute based encryption for sharing of personal health records .NET
8 Algorithm to achieve balance between data availability and query delay in MANETs .NET
9 Content based pub/sub framework to deliver content JAVA
10 Effective algorithm to find packet dropping in networks JAVA
11 Distributed and asynchronous algorithm to detect a cut in network JAVA
12 Secure Cloud Storage System JAVA
13 Sybi attack detection mechanism- Footprint JAVA
14 Network Coding Equivalent Content Distribution (NCED) for video-on-demand operations JAVA
15 Text recognition Hybrid Hidden Markov model/ Artificial Neural Network .NET