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S. No. Title Tools
1 Client side watermark embedding using look up table approach .NET
2 Image Steganography Least Significan Bit (LSB) approach .NET
3 Traffic balancing of multicast multi-path mobile ad-hoc networks .NET
4 Distributed database management optimization of performance JAVA
5 Efficient Intrusion detection system for ad hoc networks JAVA
6 Intrusion detection using layered approach and conditional random fields JAVA
7 Gibraltar prototype for detection of kernel level rootkits .NET
8 Computer Security-Detection of C-Worms JAVA
9 Online intrusion detection with alert aggregation JAVA
10 Authentication of biometric systems .NET
11 Watermarking - detection of data leakage .NET
12 Network management- blocking misbehaving users through NYMBLE JAVA
13 P2P networks- Malware spread JAVA
14 MANET- Risk aware mechanism to identify attacks JAVA