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S. No. Title Tools
1 Optimization of packet scheduling for wireless networks .NET
2 Multicast authentication protocol using batch signature JAVA
3 Anti-void routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks .NET
4 Computer Network- Optimization of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks .NET
5 Energy efficient algorithm for mobile ad-hoc networks- random cast algorithm .NET
6 Path integration algorithm for mobile wireless networks .NET
7 Analysis of mobility models SIMPS JAVA
8 Radio Frequency Identification Protocol for security .NET
9 Hacker Detection in Wireless sensor network JAVA
10 Wireless sensor networks- Hierarchy based multipath routing algorithm NS2
11 Wireless networks Path integration algorithm JAVA
12 Handover authentication protocol for wireless networks .NET
13 Wireless networks- energy efficient transmission of video JAVA
14 Source and Sink location privacy in networks JAVA
15 Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission JAVA