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S. No. Title Tools
1 Optimization of query processing in road networks .NET
2 User profiling methods for search engines .NET
3 Computation of range aggregates in multidimensional space .NET
4 Representation of user profiles using optimised ontology .NET
5 Data mining- Clustering based on Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm JAVA
6 Database management effective processing of search queries JAVA
7 Data clustering Bisecting K- means algorithm JAVA
8 Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search JAVA
9 Search Engine Multidimensional Indexing using Pyramid Algorithm PHP
10 Web mining- measurement of semantic similarity between words .NET
11 Data mining- estimate collective behavior of people .NET
12 Wireless communication technology concise range queries .NET
13 Recommender systems based on ranking based techniques .NET
14 Data Compression 2P2D algorithm .NET
15 Scalable techniques for continuous aggression queries .NET
16 Route Overlay and Association Directory- ne new object search technique .NET
17 Video encoding for transmission over WMSNs .NET
18 Optimal ranking adaptation for domain search JAVA
19 Slicing technique for membership disclosure protection JAVA
20 Robust technique to organise user search histories JAVA
21 An efficient alias extraction algorithm JAVA
22 Protection of shared data in Online Social Networks. JAVA