IEEE Projects

Software Application Projects

Non IEEE Project Domains


S. No. Title Tools
1 Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search JAVA
2 Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission JAVA
3 Secure Mailing System JAVA
4 HTTP Proxy Server JAVA
5 Chatting System JAVA
6 E-Mail System JAVA
7 JDrawing Tool JAVA
8 JExplorer JAVA
9 An Advanced Text Editor JAVA
10 Audio Track Finder JAVA
11 Bank System JAVA
12 Car Sales System JAVA
13 Chat for Multi User JAVA
14 Library Information System JAVA
15 Student Record and Information System JAVA
16 TCP/IP chat server JAVA
17 Video Library JAVA
18 Zip - Unzip Tool JAVA
19 Library Management System JAVA
20 Computer Spare Parts Management System JSP
21 Customer Relation Management System(CRM) JSP
22 Online Shopping JSP
23 Tourism and Travel Management System JSP
24 Marketing Administration System JSP
25 Order Processor System JSP
26 Multi Real Estate Business Corporation JSP
27 Online Petrol Bunk Management System JSP
28 College Attendance System JSP
29 Restaurant Management System JSP
30 ATM Management System JSP
31 Hospital Management System JSP
32 Hostel Management System JSP
33 Employee Information Management System JSP
34 Call Center Management System JSP
35 Electronic Fund Transfer JSP
36 Online Shopping Cart JSP
37 Cargo Shipping Management JSP
38 Jeweler Shop Maintenance JSP
39 online jewelry shopping JSP
40 Human Resource Management JSP
41 Online Job Portal JSP
42 Vehicle Tracking System JSP
43 Civil Supplies Management JSP
44 Furniture Administration JSP
45 School Management JSP
46 Membership Management System JSP
47 Online Examination JSP
48 Net Banking JSP
49 online computer peripheral shopping JSP
50 Cloud computing Public auditability of data storage JAVA
51 Data mining- Clustering based on Expectation-Maximization (EM) algorithm JAVA
52 Database management effective processing of search queries JAVA
53 Steganography Methodology to minimise additive distortion JAVA
54 Visual Cryptography Schemes for Encoding of Secret Image JAVA
55 Computer Security-Detection of C-Worms JAVA
56 Online intrusion detection with alert aggregation JAVA
57 Caching strategies in manet using dsr and aodv routing protocols JAVA
58 Realistic Broadcast Protocol Handler (RBPH)- Network control JAVA
59 Multimedia Optimising Multiple descriptions coding (MDC) JAVA
60 Multicast authentication protocol using batch signature JAVA
61 Distributed database management optimization of performance JAVA
62 Efficient Intrusion detection system for ad hoc networks JAVA
63 Intrusion detection using layered approach and conditional random fields JAVA
64 Propagation analysis of internet worms JAVA
65 WDM Mesh networks- Optimization of data transfer rates JAVA
66 P2P networks- Investigation of competition among peers JAVA
67 Increasing user privacy in mobile networks JAVA
68 Analysis of mobility models SIMPS JAVA
69 Internet traffic detection mechanism JAVA
70 Multiple routing configurations for IP networks JAVA
71 Packet loss management JAVA
72 Hacker Detection in Wireless sensor network JAVA
73 Distributed systems- dynamic load balancing policy JAVA
74 Data clustering Bisecting K- means algorithm JAVA
75 Wireless networks Path integration algorithm JAVA
76 Content based pub/sub framework to deliver content JAVA
77 Effective algorithm to find packet dropping in networks JAVA
78 Prevention of real time packet classification JAVA
79 Optimal ranking adaptation for domain search JAVA
80 Wireless Networks - Energy Efficient Transmission of Video JAVA
81 Cloud computing- data protection JAVA
82 Cloud Information Accountability framework- Cloud Computing JAVA
83 MANET- Risk Aware Mechanism to Identify Attacks JAVA
84 Efficient Algorithm for Congestion Control JAVA
85 Data Integrity - Provable Data Possessions JAVA
86 Slicing technique for membership disclosure protection JAVA
87 An optimal redistribution scheme and price setting for service providers JAVA
88 Cloud Computing- Enhancing security JAVA
89 Novel framework -personalised image seaarch JAVA
90 Data Collection from wireless sensor networks -Usage of time scheduling and transmission power JAVA
91 Robust technique to organise user search Histories JAVA
92 Rule based Segmentation technique for Firewalls JAVA
93 Distributed and Asynchronous algorithm to detect a cut in Network JAVA
94 An efficient algorithm for traffic monitoring JAVA
95 Secure Cloud Storage System JAVA
96 Tagging of Multimedia Content- Trust Modelling JAVA
97 A hierarchial Attribute based Solution for Access Control in Cloud Computing JAVA
98 Security of Metric data in Cloud Computing JAVA
99 An Efficient alias Extraction Algorithm JAVA
100 Action Fraud Detection - Online Modelling JAVA
101 Sybi attack detection mechanism - Footprint JAVA
102 Protection of Shared Data in Online Social Networks JAVA
103 Network Coding Equivalent Content Distribution (NCED) for video-on-demand operations JAVA
104 Load Balancing Algorithm for Session Initiation Protocol JAVA
105 An Efficient Routing algorithm for Netwroks JAVA
106 Source and Sink location privacy in networks JAVA
107 Design of a Hybrid Peer to Peer system for distributed data sharing. JAVA
108 Advanced hybrid IP traceback scheme JAVA