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S. No. Title Tools
1 File Encryption and Decryption with Hash Verification C#.Net
2 Audio Steganography for Data Hiding in Wave Files C#.Net
3 Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture C#.Net
4 Text to Text Steganography C#.Net
5 Data hiding additional files in a ZIP archive C#.Net
6 Steganography for Regions with different data density C#.Net
7 Steganography for multiple key and carrier files C#.Net
8 FTP Client C# .net
9 Cloud computing Efficient parallel data processing C# .net
10 Image Acquisition Optimal Color Filter Array(CFA) C# .net
11 Projection method for Image Watermarking C# .net
12 Authentication of biometric systems C# .net
13 Optimization of packet scheduling for wireless networks C# .net
14 Client side watermark embedding using look up table approach C# .net
15 Image Steganography Least Significan Bit (LSB) approach C# .net
16 Traffic balancing of multicast multi-path mobile ad-hoc networks C# .net
17 Mobile ad-hoc networks- secure distance based localization C# .net
18 Throughput Optimisation in wireless network - Adaptive CSMA algorithm C# .net
19 Wireless cellular networks- resource allocation C# .net
20 Optimized fault correction in overlay networks C# .net
21 Anti-void routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks C# .net
22 Computer Network- Optimization of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks C# .net
23 Energy efficient algorithm for mobile ad-hoc networks- random cast algorithm C# .net
24 Path integration algorithm for mobile wireless networks C# .net
25 Radio Frequency Identification Protocol for security C# .net
26 Straight line routing algorithm for multi-hop wireless networks C# .net
27 Image processing using interactive genetic algorithm C# .net
28 Handover authentication protocol for wireless networks C# .net
29 Algorithm to improve en-routing in sensor networks C# .net
30 Latency Equalisation Service - to equalise the latency of clients C# .net
31 Enhanced Content based image retrieval system C# .net
32 FairTorrent - an effective algorithm for file sharing in peer-to-peer systems. C# .net
33 Energy efficient routing in Wireless sensor networks C# .net
34 Secure and privacy preserving framework for wireless networks C# .net
35 Adaptive traffic controlusing vritual routing topologies C# .net
36 Efficient communication in anonymous network using Watermarking C# .net
37 Cooperative networks-Optimal power allocation C# .net
38 An automatic and efficient fault tolerant system C# .net
39 Global face name matching based framework C# .net
40 Route Overlay and Association Directory- ne new object search technique C# .net
41 Video encoding for transmission over WMSNs C# .net
42 Algorithm to achieve balance between data availability and query delay in MANETs C# .net
43 An Efficient intrusion detection system for MANETs C# .net