IEEE Projects

Software Application Projects

Non IEEE Project Domains


S. No. Title Tools
1 Computer Spare Parts Management System ASP.Net
2 Customer Relation Management System(CRM) ASP.Net
3 Online Shopping ASP.Net
4 Tourism and Travel Management System ASP.Net
5 Marketing Administration System ASP.Net
6 Order Processor System ASP.Net
7 Multi Real Estate Business Corporation ASP.Net
8 Online Petrol Bunk Management System ASP.Net
9 College Attendance System ASP.Net
10 Restaurant Management System ASP.Net
11 ATM Management System ASP.Net
12 Hospital Management System ASP.Net
13 Hostel Management System ASP.Net
14 Employee Information Management System ASP.Net
15 Call Center Management System ASP.Net
16 Electronic Fund Transfer ASP.Net
17 Online Shopping Cart ASP.Net
18 Cargo Shipping Management ASP.Net
19 Jeweler Shop Maintenance ASP.Net
20 online jewelry shopping ASP.Net
21 Human Resource Management ASP.Net
22 Online Job Portal ASP.Net
23 Vehicle Tracking System ASP.Net
24 Civil Supplies Management ASP.Net
25 Furniture Administration ASP.Net
26 School Management ASP.Net
27 Membership Management System ASP.Net
28 Online Examination ASP.Net
29 Net Banking ASP.Net
30 online computer peripheral shopping ASP.Net
31 RFID Authentication ASP.Net
32 An Effective Password Guessing Resistant Protocol ASP.Net
33 SMTP/Pop3 Client ASP.Net
34 Cloud computing - Security of the cloud ASP.Net
35 Cloud computing Optimal Service pricing ASP.Net
36 Computation of range aggregates in multidimensional space ASP.Net
37 Representation of user profiles using optimised ontology ASP.Net
38 Gibraltar prototype for detection of kernel level rootkits ASP.Net
39 Optimization of query processing in road networks ASP.Net
40 User profiling methods for search engines ASP.Net
41 Watermarking - detection of data leakage ASP.Net
42 Scalable techniques for continuous aggression queries ASP.Net
43 Cloud computing - data outsourcing to reduce maintenance ASP.Net
44 Attribute based Encryption for Sharing of Personal health records ASP.Net
45 Flexible distributed stoage integrity auditing mechanism ASP.Net
46 Efficient password guessing resistant protocol ASP.Net
47 Automatic management of web based colloborations ASP.Net
48 Cloud Computing- Secure Ranked Keyword Search Algorithm ASP.Net
49 Online Tutorial ASP.Net
50 Online Airline Reservation ASP.Net
51 Online Train Booking ASP.Net
52 Online Cab Booking ASP.Net