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S. No. Title Domain
1 Context-driven, Prescription-Based Personal Activity Classification: Methodology, Architecture, and End-to-End Implementation Biomedical And Health Informatics
2 A Real-Time Adaptive Algorithm for Video Streaming over Multiple Wireless Access Networks Communications
3 Context-based Access Control Systems for Mobile Devices Dependable and Secure Computing
4 Effective Risk Communication for Android Apps Dependable and Secure Computing
5 Generating Summary Risk Scores for Mobile Applications Dependable and Secure Computing
6 Hiding in the Mobile Crowd: Location Privacy through Collaboration Dependable and Secure Computing
7 MOSES: Supporting and Enforcing Security Profiles on Smartphones Dependable and Secure Computing
8 Catch Me If You Can: Evaluating Android Anti-Malware against Transformation Attacks Information Forensics And Security
9 DELTA++: Reducing the Size of Android Application Updates Internet Computing
10 Face-to-Face Proximity Estimation Using Bluetooth on Smartphones Mobile Computing
11 How Long to Wait? Predicting Bus Arrival Time with Mobile Phone Based Participatory Sensing Mobile Computing
12 GreenDroid: Automated Diagnosis of Energy Inefficiency for Smartphone Applications Mobile Computing
13 The Places of Our Lives: Visiting Patterns and Automatic Labeling from Longitudinal Smartphone Data Mobile Computing
14 Collaborative Policy Administration PARALLEL & DIST SYSTEMS
15 Cooperative Positioning and Tracking in Disruption Tolerant Networks PARALLEL & DIST SYSTEMS
16 Security Threats to Mobile Multimedia Applications: Camera Based Attacks on MobilePhones Wireless Multimedia Communications