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Title Domain Video
Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud Cloud Computing
Toward Secure Multikeyword Top-k Retrieval over Encrypted Cloud Data Cloud Computing
A Privacy Leakage Upper Bound Constraint-Based Approach for Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving of Intermediate Data Sets in Cloud Cloud Computing
Dynamic Personalized Recommendation on Sparse Data Datamining
Mining User Queries with Markov Chains: Application to Online Image Retrieval Datamining
Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases Datamining
A Proxy Based Approach to Continuous Location-Based Spatial Queries in Mobile Environments Datamining
TrustedDB: A Trusted Hardware based Database with Privacy and Data Confidentiality Datamining
Tweet Analysis for Real-Time Event Detection and Earthquake Reporting System Development Datamining
Query-Adaptive Image Search With Hash Codes Image Processing
LLSURE Local Linear SURE-Based Edge-Preserving Image Filtering Image Processing
Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting Image Processing
Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis: Face and Expression Recognition Image Processing
Target Tracking and Mobile sensor Navigation in Wireless sensor networks Networking
EMAP: Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing
A Neighbor Coverage-Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mobile Computing
Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information Multimedia
Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs Networking
Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks Networking
High performance Resource Allocation Strategies for Computational Economies Networking
Resource Allocation for QoS Support in Wireless Mesh Networks Networking
An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Auto configuration in Ad Hoc Networks Networking
Mobi-Sync: Efficient Time Synchronization for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks Parallel & Dist Systems
Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks Parallel & Dist Systems
SORT: A Self-ORganizing Trust Model for Peer-to-Peer Systems Secure Computing
A Rank Correlation Based Detection against Distributed Reflection DoS Attacks Secure Computing
Enforcing Secure and Privacy-Preserving Information Brokering in Distributed Information Sharing Secure Computing
Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before Encryption Secure Computing
EAACK—A Secure Intrusion-Detection System for MANETs Secure Computing