Inplant Training

Internship in DOTNET

Core idea:
The core idea of this internship program is to develop a Real Time Project for PASS. It will include concepts of DotNet, Windows application,Web application, Console application,SQL Server Management, HTML, CSS, Java Script.

Tools Used:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 : Open source IDE
SQL Server Management Studio 2005 : Database Tool

Tentative Schedule:

Day 1Concepts covered
10.00 Introduction about Dot net
10.30 Dot net Frame Work
11.15 BREAK
11.30 Introduction about Console application
12.00 Developing Programs
01.00 LUNCH
02.00 Introduction about Windows application
03.00 Designing Forms using Controls
05.00 END
Day 2Concepts covered
10.00 Event Handling
10.30 Introduction to SqlServer
11.15 BREAK
11.30 Introduction about Web application
12.00 Designing WebPages using HTML and CSS
01.00 LUNCH
02.00 Control Events
03.00 Project Discussion
04.00 Project Discussion
05.00 END
Day 3Concepts covered
10.00 Form Validation
10.30 Handling of Sqlserver2005 with queries
11.15 BREAK
11.30 Stored Procedure in Sqlserver
12.00 Database Connectivity
01.00 LUNCH
02.00 Project Discussion
03.00 Project Discussion
05.00 END

No of students : 4 Minimum
Cost : Rs.1500/- per student